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Patching UP Blitzkrieg 2

 Got problems with installing maps? then the help is here!

this describers exactly how to work things out with maps n mods and whatever install problem you got! 

[Blitzkrieg 2]

















("B2_MAPEDITOR.EXE" with this you start map editor, All .xdb files can be opened by dragging them into editor)

("GAME.EXE" game file)




( PAK files go in here example: "the_return.pak" )





















("map.B2M" map texture)

("mapinfo.xdb" the actuall map file)("mapname.txt" file for mapname)

("minimap.TGA" minimap picture)

("minimap_material.xdb" needed for minimap)

("minimap_texture.DDS" minimap picture for game)

("minimap_texture.xdb" needed for minimap)





















(ALL files that are needed for custom mission)

("MultiplayerMap.xdb" information file for maplist)

("MyMissionPwl.xdb / loadscreen.xdb / pwl_picture.xdb" settings for loadingpicture)

("MyMissionPwl.dds / loadscreen.dds / pwl_picture.dds" the loadingpicture)




(editor files to start editor see BIN folder)











any mods you might download, put it in this folder!

(every mod needs seperate folder, that folder acts as "DATA" root-folder)




















("LastMatch.replay" & "LastMatch.rfo" name of replay can be diffrent)






("save_quick01.sav" & "save_quick01.sfo" name of save file can be diffrent)



("Editor_Manual.pdf" editor manual you need a PDF reader to read it. VERY USEFULL INFORMATION!)




For some this may be news, but commercial games most have updates(patches), with Bug-fixes andsometimes adding reforms.

To play MP-matches all Players NEED to have the same Patch!


It is not needed to install every patch separately,  If you patch up to 1.5 all over patches will be included. Some retail versions are already patched up to 1.5! download patch 1.5

You can check your patch status by looking in "blitzkrieg 2\EXE\Data" folder.

This is a screenshot of the folder with all patch versions

up to date (patch 1.5).


Here is a overview of the Patches for Blitzkrieg 2


 Patch Versionchanges
This Patch fixes the following problems:

async with Russian version

Bugfixes in the Engine:

* Abilities for the elite infantry were disabled (except right after getting a
level). Changed initial state of the ability buttons to "enabled"
* add a tooltip to a random country choice in MP Game Room
* units in encyclopaedia always in best graphics quality
* Added simple validation for emails : "something@somethingelse"
* Pathfindingproblems with vehicles driving up a plateau.
* No prompt by shortcut Alt + F4
* changed the way the hitbars are displayed for the keybuildings in MP
* pathfinding
* using localized name for hotkey's tooltip.
* Fixed crash when can't connect to nival.net
* Added missing tooltips
 1.3 The v1.3 Patch fixes the following problems:

- Missing textures are now available in the map editor
- Saving a game in a user-created map is now possible during gameplay
- Ability to join a ladder game with a modified config file has been disabled
- Sniper unit accuracy has been enhanced in "very hard" mode
- Fixed map editor crashes
- Attack AI improved for ground-attack planes and tanks
- Support for Windows XP 64-bit added
- Visible reinforcement timer added
- "Remaining time" counter is always displayed
 1.4 - Common Key Buildings repair rates have been slightly increased

- Reduced the reinforcement call time

- Key buildings are now more durable

- Added 1 ATG 37mm M3 to Tech-level 1 USA
- Added 1 PzIVD to Tech-level 1 GERMAN reinforcements

- Removed 1 T-26 from Tech-level 1 USSR reinforcements

- Added 1 M13 GMC to Tech-level 2 USA reinforcements

- Removed 1 A-19 from Tech-level 2 USSR reinforcements

- Removed 1 M10 Wolverine from Tech-level 3 USA reinforcements

- Removed 1 Su-152 from Tech-level 3 USSR reinforcements

- Removed 2 BM 8-48 from Tech-level 3 USSR reinforcements

- Removed 1 1 Light Tank from Tech-level 3 USSR reinforcements and BT-7 Light Tanks changed to T-60

- Added 1 Hetzer to Tech-level 4 GERMAN reinforcements

- Removed 1 JSU-152 from Tech-level 4 USSR reinforcements

- Removed 1 BM 31-12 in Tech-level 4 USSR reinforcements
 1.5This Patch does various balancing changes to the multiplayer mode, fixes a problem with Async that could force a disconnect in multiplayer mode and fixes a rare crash which some people where getting.

After patching up, you may have a problem with the starforce-copy-protection driver.

Why are (starforce)drivers installed on my PC?

Some versions of StarForce Copy Protection will install dedicated drivers on your PC. Those drivers are necessary for the StarForce specific CD/DVD checking procedure, only. They do not include any hidden functionality. The drivers are active only at execution of the protected application. StarForce constantly improves their drivers to keep them compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

How to remove all StarForce components from your PC:

Sometimes the un-installation utility of the protected application does not uninstall all StarForce drivers. The following procedure will ensure that all StarForce related components are completely removed from your system.

  • Download the StarForce Removal Tool as a ZIP archive.
  • Extract and store sfdrvrem.exe anywhere on your hard disk.
  • Run sfdrvrem.exe.

If the protected application requires a StarForce driver, this driver will be re-installed as soon as you launch the application again. For further help, please contact the helpdesk of the application publisher.

There is a tool to get rid of starforce, because starforce does not like vista and win7. download starforce removal tool

You might too need a starforce free game.exe. be carefull downloading this (all security up) 


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