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its a FontGenerator file for bk2.

but it cant generate chinese or japan font.

anyone know about this exe?




FontGenerator utility

(C) Nival Interactive, 2000

Usage: FontGen.exe [options] <"Font Face Name">  <BinDstName> <PicDstName> [<CharScrName>]

-h# font height (in pixels)

-w# font weight (400 = normal. 100 <= w <= 900)

-it italic

-aa antialiased quality

-pitch font pitch (default, fixed, variable)

- second character set

charsets: ansi, baltic, chinesebig5, default, easteurope, gb2312,greek, hangul, mac, oem, russian,shiftjis, symbol,turkish, hebrew, arabic, thai

[<CharScrName>] chars in MBCS formart, all in doublebytes (words)

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