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since you guys are gamer this might save you a buck or two.


I figure you guys like to listend to music so this method might save you a couple of dollars.


watch all 6 part before you attempt to fix yours, i skip a step which is burning the wire with a match. you see what i mean.

things you need


-scissors-wire tape, or regular tape, or band aid, just don't be too cheap about it.-a match/ lighter


repair cost should be $0, since you should have most of the items in your house hold. ok maybe it cost about 2 dollars becuase you might need to buy cheap head at the dollar store


time cost should be 3-30min depends on how experience you are. I can do it under 3min because i was filming it took me more.


Here the video http://www.youtube.com/user/bk2portal#p/c/ED59A02498804000/4/dCl4sUac6Vg


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