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Ed B
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This is great – An up and running BK2 Community – Which is why, I joined.

Might I ask for some assistance and/or help from you here…

I am running BK 2 Ver 1.6 [from UIE ‘Anthologies of War’ CD set], what and should I have for any patches and updates for this version?

The game’s Data files shows its last patch being ‘1.6’, dated 2011… Are there later ones?

Also, with my version, did NIVAL/UIE incorporate any of the MODS within this release?

I ask because there are so many Mods out there for the game – In particular Randell’s Aviation Skins and Uniform Skins and Weapons Skins and updates. Are there any particular other MODS, you here at the Community would suggest?

In particular, what of the MOD ‘Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts mod’?

I am looking for a more balance AI protagonist and a more realistic game play -

How does this MOD stack up?

And should I MOD my game… Will the game’s Map Editor work with the MOD, allowing me to produce a map/scenario playable within the MOD?


I spent some time on ‘blitzkriegesp.blogspot.com.ar – Blitzkrieg En Espanol’, which ended August 2014. Wonderful site and I have been re-scripting/re-editing the many Spanish [and other language] maps and scenarios into English, which were downloadable from the site. Time consuming needless to say, but I can’t speak/read anything other than English for the most part.

I am on Steam – But since BK2 wasn’t purchased through them, I cannot do much with BK2 through them [matter fact just to access the BK2 forum I had to purchase funds into my ‘wallet’ at Steam]. But that’s life.

It’s a pleasure meeting this community and having the opportunity to join. I look forward to hearing from any of you here.

Thanks, Ed -


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First of all BK2 has literarily no AI at all. Allmost everything that happens in single player is scripted.

Patch 1.5 ist still the most common patch in the BK2 community. The patch 1.6 available on Steam even corrupts the multiplayer.

The editor works with mod, it is actually very important for modding.

I am still working on a multiplayer modification with 7 playable faction. I probably cant help you with scripting. But I know a lot about map making and unit balancing.

We also have a group on Steam:


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