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Marshal Rodolfo Graziani
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I take no credit whatsoever for this map. All credit goes to Romul. I have only posted this map in an effort to ensure that the BK2 Community does not lose it to the sands of time. This is truly a masterpiece.

Mannerheim Line by Romul

Map Details:

Game Blitzkrieg II

Date Added 06/04/2006

Language English

Map Type Single Player

Map Size 16x16

Author Romul

Mod Required None

Player Side USSR

AI Side Finland

Historical Context Winter War

Year 1940

Season Winter

Objectives 10


"Mannerheim" includes custom music and the following new units:

 Vickers 6 Ton Light Tank

Finnish T-26b

Finnish T-35

Finnish T-28e

OT-130 Flamethrower

Finnish BT-7, BT-10 and BT-20 light tanks

25lb QFH howitzer

Bristol Blenheim MK II

130mm Finnish coastal gun

Finnish 12.7mm Vickers machine gun

Finnish squads


Localisation by [BKP]. Map courtesy of blitzgame.ru

To install, move the Mannerheim.pak file to your Blitzkrieg 2 EXE\Data folder.

Donwload: http://www.mediafire.com/download/as2vbja2s47718f/Mannerheim.pak

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Site Owner
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I might test it some day, i have stopped playing blitzkrieg 2 since a long time ago now. But i might just check this out since singleplayer can burn some time if im bored.


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